Happy New Year 2023

Hi all, Guy here. Melody & I wish you a happy new year. The have some news, the new Redmond wine bar is still on track for Spring 2023 and will likely open another in Bellevue in 2023 as well. Thanks to you we have succeeded 5 years in Kirkland where many of our friendly (usually) competitors have not (no names, but I think you know who they are)! In fact we were voted best wine bar in Kirkland! See below.

Harvest was late by about a month due to a very cold and wet spring but we got a harvest where many growers didn’t in 2022.

Cole & Bob have been busy, we now have 18 varieties we offer including Orange Muscat we just bottled.

We are waiting for our barrel making equipment to arrive from Santiago Chile so that we can continue to renew barrels for our friends in the wine, beer and spirits industry (also, we are making wine barrel furniture from old staves if you know anyone who may be interested, please respond).

Lastly, we have a new bottling facility we are building at the vineyard in Yakima canyon. Hope your year goes well, thank you for everything. Bring this email in and show Zoe or Austin (or Sophie and Josh) and get 1/2 off your next bottle purchase!